Sunday, June 04, 2006

Conservative Jedi

Since this is my first ever public blog, I shall begin by saying I don't know everything. But what I do know, I know. I know we went to the Moon. I know Lee Harvey Oswald didn't work alone, if he was involved at all. By the way, the "JFK Conspiracy", as it's come to be known, is the only "conspiracy" I believe in. With the (overly) researched information I have on the subject, there's no way anybody is going to tell me that one pristine bullet (found on a stretcher) made seven wounds in two men. That alone is just nuts. However, it's not as wacky as these propaganda films going around (since at least 2000 as far as I know) that you can download from the internet. The big two right now (although they pretty much use the same "facts" and "quotes"- yeah, right) are In Plane Site and Loose Change. I 've already written a boatload on this subject recently in school assignments, in my "media/political diaries", on-line magazines and any other forum where my work can be seen. You bet your behind I'm gonna plug. By the way, before I forget; I urge anyone reading this to stay away from It' one word: a clusterf*ck. I don't like it. It's a pedophiles dream. Anyways, if you don't like politics-don't read this blog, it's not for you.

I really, really don't like liberals. It's all about their moral superiority, the re-writing of history (with the help of the far-left media, moonbat celebrities and all the other kooks out there) I plan to (if I can navigate this thing) expose the wrongs of the left. I admit right now I'm biased .I'm about as biased as the FOX NEWS channel, as long as the left-wingnuts are as biased as CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, get the picture.

Thank God for the internet! It's about time the people-honest people-can have an opportunity to air their brains, sorta speak. I think for now I'm just gong to scan the net for news items (hopefully ones that not too many other bloggers will pick up on, only because I want the scoop, you see) link them up for you and let you draw your own conclusions. With, of course, a touch of conservatism on my part. As for the aforementioned internet films, I'll be getting into that one (even more than I already have) because it seems to be an ongoing thing. I may talk about personal things when it suits me. But that will only be when I have absolutely nothing to blog about. This includes talking about woman, hockey, wrestling, classmates...that reminds me, before I sign off I want to correct the information I saw on a classmate's blog. I won't give his name and I can't remember his blog address, but this has been bugging me for a few weeks and I haven't had a forum on which to correct him. I didn't read it all, it was mostly Marxist-Lenninist ideology, and it just made me wince. It also made me chuckle with some of his obvious mistakes. He made mention about how he feels that George W. Bush wants to regulate the internet. Well, no, not really. That idea was brought up by the likes of Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer. They even got Kofi Annan and the United Nations on their side (there's a surprise) but were defeated by the Republican-controlled congress. Plus, with all the left-wing media and their hatred for the President, why would he want to supress perhaps the only allies he has in the "media" world. There are a lot of conservative sites that support him. With all the snakes on the plane out to destroy him, why would he quiet the voices that are in his corner.

Lastly, my classmate made reference to America's "Charter of Rights and Freedoms" and how Bush can't do this and can't do that (like I said, I skimmed it) Problem is, and correct me if I'm wrong, but the United States doesn't have a "Charter of Rights and Freedoms". I believe it's called the "Bill of Rights" Yes, we both have constitutions (although ours-Canada, that is-apparently only goes back to 1982. You can thank Trudeau for that) but it just shows you how one little slip of misinformation, coupled with a lifetime (generations, really) of being socially engineered can cause someone to just regurgitate idiology directly from the elites and their ivory towers. Just had to right that. Well, I can go on for hours now and talk about political correctness, feminazis, hollywood and just about anything else that perturbs me, but this is just my first blog. I have alot of ammo, so there will be more and better readings to come.


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